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BESTEQ provides Information Technology services and products, specializing in Secure Communication and Information Systems.

These services and products include site surveys, needs analyses, system specification, system design, system implementation, system testing, and system security analysis and design. The resultant products range from simple reports to complex Communication Systems and information system designs and implementations. The testing of these systems can include the design, development, and operation of specialized test systems.

BESTEQ offers Secure Systems in environments that range from open, public access environments to Top Secret, compartmented security environments.

Communication and Information Technology studies include in-depth researches, analysis, and recommendations of leading edge technologies for possible use in a client’s business environment.

BESTEQ also has experienced, motivated personnel who are trained and experienced in these technologies and available for Strategic Sourcing on long or short-term arrangements. These personel become integrated team members, committed to completing every project according to schedule.

1. Communications Systems
2. Secure Systems
3. Strategic Sourcing