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BESTEQ Information Services continues to grow and expand by providing high-quality Communications Systems Services to a select client base. We understand the communications needs of our clients, backed by our reputation, knowledge, experience and certifications. We have significant experience providing communications solutions for commercial and government clients using advanced wired and wireless communications technologies.

BESTEQ offers the full spectrum of Communications Systems Services, including data communications network analysis, design, security, testing, implementation, and operations.

We have a reputation for exceptional data communications systems analysis, design, and testing services. Our employees have sensitive, compartmented information clearances allowing them to analyze, design, and test the highest security systems required. Our personnel have worked for large national and international technology and systems integration organizations. These organizations include Intel Corporation and the United States Government.

Recognized for superior performance, our personnel also hold industry certifications and Department of Defense security clearances, which enable them to perform the most challenging communications projects facing your organization in today's rapidly changing environment.

We are committed to excellence and high-quality service for every client.