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In today’s environment of unpredictable and growing enterprise communications and security requirements, BESTEQ provides a core of Communication Systems Services to maximize your investments in information technology. We create solutions to the most difficult communications problems challenging your organization. We provide analysis, design, reengineering, and integration services, bridging information and communication technologies in today’s highly flexible and mobile environment.

Our communications solutions include wire and wireless communications technologies, creating solutions that maximize existing equipment and infrastructure while planning for future communications needs. Our experience includes performing analysis and design for networks that require multi-level and top-secret security.

With the constant need to change and grow, an organization often looks to the subject matter experts to provide adjunct staff and project managers. BESTEQ operates outsourcing projects in a professional and conscientious manner, ensuring a successful project from start to finish.

1. Communications Solutions
2. Secure Solutions
3. Strategic Sourcing Solutions