Smart Cards


Smart Cards contain integrated circuits that allow the cards to store data in a secure way. These circuits are part of an overall information and network security solution. BESTEQ has performed Smart Card research and implementations for highly secure agencies. Smart Card solutions provide security for physical access to buildings, offices, and laboratories, as well as allowing logical access to secure operations. Smart Cards can be used with biometrics, such as fingerprints to verify individual access to a network, computer, or facility.

BESTEQ provides smart card solutions that enable employee identification, building access, and network access. These solutions include a variety of technologies, including an integrated circuit chip, magnetic stripe, digitized photo, biometrics, and other media.

Applications of smart cards include:
Building access control
System/network access control
Biometric authentication
Digital signature
Other value-added services:
property/inventory control
medical information

One of the major initiatives that has recently become a driving force in the use of Smart Cards is President Clinton’s signing of the Electronic Signature Bill on July 5, 2000, making e-signatures as common and as legally binding as pen-to-paper signatures.

Smart Card Standards
When implementing Smart Card projects BESTEQ looks to apply the most recent standards and best practices. For government agencies, BESTEQ follows the Government Smart Card Technical Interoperability Guidelines developed by GSA with industry support.

Contract Awards
BESTEQ is proud to be a supporting member of two teams who have been awarded the GSA government-wide Smart Access Common ID Card contracts. Designed to support the requirements of any federal government agency, these contracts will provide interoperable, multi-application Smart Cards that will set the standards for Smart Card technology and enable government and industry to grow with electronic commerce (e-commerce). BESTEQ supports the Litton/PRC Team and the Logicon Team.

Smart Card Tutorials
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The General Services Administration provides a Smart Card Tutorial - An Online Multimedia Presentation. In this presentation, you will learn how Smart Cards are being used by millions of people worldwide in more than 90 countries. The latest Smart Card technologies and applications are also reviewed.